It's important to follow 3 main rules:

Good mood
Good food
Active life style



To avoid contacts with sick people
    • Like flu or chicken pox.
    • There are no special restrictions for sexual life if partner is healthy.
    • We recommend to use contraception during year after AHSCT
      To wear mask in public places
        • To wear mask during first 3 months in public or crowded places (arriving/departure areas, supermarkets, metro etc.)
        • There is no risk to be in contact with pets if they are healthy
        • There is no risk to be in contact with family members if they are health
          Avoid vaccinations
          In vast majority of cases we don't recommend vaccinations
          • Antiviral
          • Antibacterial
          • Antifungal prophylaxis after lymphoablative protoco.
          Patient immune system has memory, additional vaccination can cause relapse of autoimmune process.

          Health monitoring
          Monitoring of blood tests:
          • total blood count
          • biochemistry screening - serum urea
          • electrolytes
          • creatinine
          • calcium
          • uric acid
          • blood sugar
          • Liver function tests
          • C reactive protein
          Monitoring temperature of body
          • To monitor body temperature every evening during 1 month.
          • In case of any signs of infection patient must go to hospital.
          • No matter with or without high temperature (>37.5C)
          • Fever without signs of infection - patient must go to hospital
          Posttransplant rehabilitation
            • GP (or hematologist) examination in 2 and 4 weeks after the disсharge.
            • Observation of neurologist or rehabilitation doctor physiotherapist.
            • Public places like public swimming pools, gyms, health centers
              Food restrictions
              We recommend to be careful with fast food, to avoid raw fish, meat (sushi, carpaccio
              etc) within the next 3 months after discharge.
              • Fresh fruit and vegetables, milk products are available.
              • All food supplements, vitamins which patient used before are available